While the usefulness of acai berry as one of the best weight loss and fat burning products have been established beyond doubts by clinical tests, use of other such components with is common such as Acai berry with Green Tea.

Combining Two Strong Weight Loss Elements – Acai and Green Tea

It has been established through clinical research and experimentations that acai can work wonders for fat burning and weight loss. The reason is that it is one of the best natural hunger suppressants around. However, to further enhance its capabilities and effects, other fat burning and weight loss components are often combined with it. One of the most popular examples of such combination is the acai with green tea.

How Does This Fruit Work?

Acai berry works on the human anatomy in the following manner. It suppresses the appetite naturally and in result the user starts consuming fewer amounts of food putting him or her on a low-calorie diet. Body starts drawing on the stored fat to meet the energy requirements and gradually the stored fats are burnt out resulting in both weight loss and trimmed body.
Using the Catalyst
This process is further accelerated when fat burners are added to acai berry like acai berry with Green Tea. Itself a good weight loss product, the Green tea helps faster weight loss through quick fat burning working as the catalyst for fat burning and weight loss capabilities inherent in acai berry. Core factors for weight loss and fat burning is getting on to a low-calorie diet without starving the body. Acai berry with Green Tea keeps the user full without making him or her starved and in the process. It becomes a natural and healthy way of fat burning and weight loss for such people who are long-suffering due to overweight, accumulation of fat and obesity.