May be you already start hearing about Ketone Balance Duo and decided to try them. That`s good to hear. Ketone Balance Duo with 3 more amazing ingredients makes a nice combination reducing calories and fat from the body. The right dose of Ketone Balance Duo would help you in this matter. Follow the advice and reach the level where you are reducing fat in a safe way.


A Powerful Combination – Per 2 Capsules

The ingredients of raspberry ketones, green-, coffee-, green tea- and guarana extract is proved to be one of the most effective fat burning and weight loss capsules. Get rid of excessive fat and get re-energized each day!

Raspberry Ketones 200 mg

Enjoy the benefits of the 200 mg dosage in use! The ability of 200 mg Raspberry Ketones to reduce weight is quite well-known. It would lead you to a healthier and more energetic spell of life. You will no longer be worried about fat and you would only look forward to a great shape. So, increase your rate of metabolism, get rid of excessive fat and get re-energized each day!

Green Tea Extract 100 mg

These pills can reduce over appetite and excessive craving for food. It is very important to control over eating habit as it adds on more calories than what is needed to burn. Craving for sugar or any sweet food is again decreased after talking the green tea ketone supplement at regular interval.

Green Coffee Extract 200 mg

Green Coffee has the added benefit of containing powerful antioxidants that may be beneficial to your health in many ways, strengthening the immune system and help to lose weight.

Guarana 100 mg

This powerful bean aid to speed up the body’s metabolism and will help to suppress your appetite!

Lose Weight In A Safe Way

A lot of people can recommend Ketone Balance Duo to lose weight in a safe way and naturally. So do not wait to get started with the course of these pills as soon as possible and get your Ketone Balance Duo shipped to you today!